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Trysmoon Book1: Ascension
Trysmoon Book 2: Duty
Trysmoon Book 3: Hunted
Trysmoon Book 4: Sacrifice

The Trysmoon Saga

A Four Book Epic Fantasy Series

For prophecy there must be two, a god to will and a servant to do.​

Gen was a bard's apprentice, his nimble hands meant for the lute and his voice for a song. Then the half-mad and completely bored Shadan Khairn invaded Gen's village to winter there and start a war. He shoved a sword in Gen's hands and tormented his body, shaping a bard into a warrior to be killed for sport. 


As the days of torture pile up like the snow, Gen's searches for death. But the day is at hand when the shattered shards of the world will knit together again and the world’s slain god be reborn. The mighty Ha'Ulrich will be the father, the mysterious Chalaine the mother. In dangerous times, the holy couple doesn't need a bard. They need a warrior. And Gen needs a reason to live.


And Gen needs a reason to live.


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Book Information

Books in the Series: 4
Length: Each book is approximately 110,000 Words

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: YA

Status: On sale!

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