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I was supposed to be a fighter pilot. I have the picture books full of cool fighter jets to prove it. But somewhere in college I lost my desire for mighty wings and became an English major to study mighty words. I suppose the switch shouldn't have surprised me. I have written stories since I was young and never stopped. Fighter jets are still cool, though.


I remember vividly when fantasy literature caught me in its web. I was about ten years old and someone (can't remember who, but thank you!) introduced me to The Hobbit.  I have a crystal clear memory of sitting in the back of the family car on a rainy day reading about the dragon under the mountain. I was hooked. Next came the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and then Raymond Feist's Magician series.


Then came life. Marriage. College. Kids. Graduate School. Job. All of it. I kept reading. Finally, I had an idea in my head that I couldn't get out. I struck out and started writing The Trysmoon Saga. They are the novels I cut my writing teeth on. I rewrote the first chapter to the first book seven times. It's been a learning experience, and a fun one, ever since.


I enjoy many things--camping, hiking, epic music, games, superhero movies, super-spy movies, and playing the guitar. I have recently taken up Karate, Shito-ryu style, and have dragged my kids into it. Like most writers, I enjoy reading, and of late have particularly enjoyed Brandon Sanderson's work.


What do I want for Christmas? MORE TIME! I have many stories to tell, many stories I would like to read, and the bucket of time just never seems big enough to fit everything in.


But I keep writing. And I will until the robots take over.

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