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The Pet Assassin

Sometimes, pets just need to die.

Peter Spackman kills pets for money--and teaches history at the high school. No one knows about his night job liberating the world from troublesome pets, but when one of his hated student's dogs turns up without a head, the town's suspicion falls on Pete. Maybe being framed for a dog beheading was karma. Maybe it was bad luck. And maybe it wasn't the best time for a Pet Assassin to start dating a veterinarian. 


Can he find the real culprit before he goes to jail for a pet murder he didn't commit? Can he find enough pet assassination work to afford a lawyer? Can he act like a responsible dog owner to impress the veterinarian he's dating? As Pete's life gets uglier than a shaved cat, he must rally against nosy police, ratings-hungry reporters, and jerk bosses to uncover the truth and exact his revenge.


Book Information

Length: 99,000 Words

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Humor

Audience: New Adult / Adult

Status: Available for purchase!

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