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Bone Wolf King Advanced Copy Readers

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Advanced Copy Reader (ACR) for book 1 of the Doan Series, The Bone Wolf King. Being an ACR means I send you a copy of my book early (through Amazon Kindle) free of charge. In exchange, you agree to read the book and review it the day it comes out (or very soon thereafter). I am looking for around 20-30 people to participate.

What is The Doan Series?

The Doan series is a five book epic fantasy series. 


If you wish to participate you will need:

  • To email me at (or message me on Facebook) and express your interest

  • An email account you monitor regularly for instructions and updates

  • An account and a Kindle device

  • The free time to read the book between now and November 24, 2021

If I accept you as an ACR

  • All ACR readers accept that they may not share or distribute my work without my express written permission

  • You will need to go to and configure your account to allow to send documents to your device. I will email instructions

  • Email me your kindle address

  • Wait for the book to be delivered to your kindle and enjoy!

Thank you for your interest and your help! Having early reviews helps customers feel more at ease when purchasing a book from an indie author.

All the best!

Brian K. Fuller

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